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With a shared goal, together we can make change.

Your appointment is built around this belief – each session includes the full, paid-for massage time AND a consultation. Consultations may consist of a health history interview, a goals assessment, a self care plan including stretches and/or simple exercises, and recommendations for further health care evaluation and/or consultation. Please be as present mentally for your consultation as you are physically for you massage. Your consultation time may occur before or after your massage based on your situation and needs.  Only you can fulfill your desire to change.

Craft Massage believes therapeutic massage should be available to all those interested in natural healing. Suggested hourly rate is $80. Payments do range for those dedicated to change and for those who can visit more often. The idea is that of a sharing economy and balance among the community. Craft Massage is based at the Colorado Centers for Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Care in Colorado Springs. 

Recommended hourly rate - $80

Suggested focused therapy package - $330

                                   3months of massages, up to 6-1hr sessions


Our everyday activities are represented in our body.


Each massage session is catered to you and your current condition – no two massages will be alike. Your condition is ever changing and all the systems of your body are adjusting to each other. An overstressed muscle can affect more than the direct area and pain is not the only clue to an unbalanced body. Your massage may focus on:


            Pain reduction

            Injury rehabilitation

            Surgery preparation or rehabilitation

            Part of an exercise regime

            Part of a diet change

            Stress reduction

            To counteract a length of stasis (a long drive, flight, or desk work)

            Repetitive movement/impact injury (manual labor)

            Scar tissue


For these reasons, several techniques may be incorporated into any massage session.


            Deep tissue, area focus

            NeuroMuscular, very specific focus, incorporating the nervous system

            Joint movement

            Trigger Point, referred pain pattern identification

            Ice massage

            Myofascial, Swedish, and Russian techniques (subtle, gentle release)

            Use of essential oils


Many of us can benefit from regular massage.  For some a package deal is a good fit for focused, goal-orientated sessions. A package deal is ideal for those recovering from injury or intense stress. The package includes as many as six massages to be completed within three months for $330. The price can be negotiated as needed.


Some added luxuries…

            Himalayan Salt Stone

                        Mineralizes and Exfoliates skin leaving it soft and glowing

                                               add $10 & 10mins to session


            Hot Oil Hand Treatment

                        Hand warmers and a wide variety of nutritious oils create deep

                                relaxation for tired hands

                                               add $15 & 15mins to session


Treat yourself. Heal yourself. Change yourself. And most importantly...   Be happy with yourself.

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