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Andrea M. Craft, BCTMB, LMT, CNMT

Currently practicing massage therapy at the Colorado Centers for Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Care. I recently joined the faculty and staff at the Colorado Springs School of Massage. Helping the community and increasing our massage therapists' ability to help others is my focus. If you would like to try massage therapy please do not hesitate to call.

At the Colorado Centers for Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Care.

Cell phone: 760.703.5311 and texting is fine.


My road to massage therapy is an odd one...

A native to San Diego, California, I moved to Colorado Springs with the help of some of the most beautiful people I know - the Halletts. Those I love most believed I needed CHANGE. It took one dinner with my best friends the Halletts at their new home in Colorado Springs, one month back at home in San Diego, a celebratory week with my dear Courtney in Las Vegas, and I was out with the old, in with the new.

Change is tough. Change is not cheap. Change can be painful.


Change allows growth. Change is motivating. Change is healing.

Change is living.


So I started school at the Colorado Institute for Massage Therapy.

You want change? Throw me in the mix and it will happen

Over seven years in the environmental business proved that I am not one to allow a dysfunctional, non-transparent work atmosphere go on as is. First off, so that I don't seem cocky, I don't know everything!! But I consistently identify and appreciate my peers' talents. I am straight-forward & honest, and expect the same from every individual I work with. My Masters in Business has helped me appreciate this about myself instead of cover it up.

Experienced archaeological field director and researcher, I have not lost my interest in cultural work! I played an important part in the transformation of a cultural history department at an environmental company, increasing communication between offices, departments, and regions. I trained and coached new staff including those otherwise given up on.

In my recent work I have transferred the idea of transparency and helping others to the massage therapy business. I teach my clients about their muscles and activities that perpetuate pain while they learn to relax. I am not a massage therapist that allows you to continue unknown bad habits so that I can see you every week for years.

I have worked with amazing businesses in town including Align for Life Chiropractic, Retouch Salon, Joe's Body Shop, and the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy.

Contact me if I can be of assistance in ANY way : )

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